Rainbow Six Siege Update: Patch 4.3 Launches In A Few Days? [Update: Patch Notes Out]

By on June 14, 2017

Sorry Rainbow Six Siege players, you’ll need to wait a bit longer for that patch notes of update 4.3. Using the final area of the game’s year lengthy season pass likely to drop soon, fans were wishing to get some bulletins around the approaching changes and balance fixes within the Rainbow Six Siege update.


However, Community Manager Craig Robinson quelled all of the rumors with this particular cheeky tweet. According to Ubisoft’s previous updates, some fans think that patch 4.3 may really arrive in a few days. Redditor deadtoddler420 states this would take advantage sense.

“Have the final big patch with this season before BF1/Titanfall 2/COD emerge, and so the patch for pick up can come out after individuals games,” reads his comment.

October 10 is Thanksgiving in Canada, so the likelihood of Ubisoft Montreal shedding the patch today is slim. One of the most requested additions for patch 4.3 really are a treatment for the “surrender” glitch along with a buff towards the Tachanka operator.

To date all we know of the final DLC is it will most likely launch sometime the following month and is probably occur Japan. Beyond that, all we’ve concerning the new content and also the Rainbow Six Siege update 4.3 are fan speculation. An easter time egg discovered with a player might be a sign the new map might be occur a Tokyo, japan skyscraper.

Ubisoft’s publish-season pass plans for Rainbow Six Siege will also be a mysterious. The organization did well in increasing the game all year round. Their commitment has reignited fan curiosity about the franchise and could open the doorway for an additional season of DLC. In the event that happens, we’ll make sure to show you.

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