Darksiders 3, New Destroy All Humans Not Far Off?

By on April 14, 2017

It appears like remasters are extremely popular again, because the recent news of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Dead Rising have proven. Nordic is joining in around the fun, re-releasing the very first Darksiders because the punderful Warmastered Edition. Performs this mean we’re finally getting Darksiders 3 and even perhaps a brand new Destroy All Humans game?

For individuals not aware, Darksiders should be concerning the four horsemen, only two games happen to be released. The very first game had War because the lead – hence Warmastered – as the follow up had Dying since it’s protagonist, that was also given a re-release. Farmville also were built with a wonderful pun once the game was handed the remastered treatment known as the Deathinitive Edition.

Considering that both games were remastered – though one must question why they weren’t bundled together – it appears like Nordic Games may be up for any Darksiders 3. The series may not be critically lauded, however it comes with a separate group of followers and wild art direction from Joe Madureira.

On the other hand from the Nordic spectrum, it appears like you will find individuals the organization who wish to visit a new Destroy All Humans game happen. Based on VG24/7, the game’s designer stated he would like to make a replacement, because it ended on the whimper. If there’s any justice on the planet, there must be a brand new game for that series soon.

What’s baffling about Nordic Games is the fact that the organization appears to become quite happy with not doing anything using the qualities they purchased in THQ. Sure, they re-released the 2nd Darksiders game and therefore are while re-releasing the very first, but it is always good to determine the 3rd game announced soon. An exciting-new Destroy All Humans would be also very appreciated.

Because of the re-releases, there’s a good chance that we’ll visit a Darksiders 3 announcement eventually. It simply appears too random to re-release these titles if nothing will be performed using the franchise. For Destroy All Humans, that’s something fans may need to pray for. Nordic Games is presently publishing Joe Madureura’s Fight Chasers game, which does not have a release date yet.

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