Clash Royale Update: Best Three Stuff That Supercell Must Fix As soon as possible

By on December 31, 2016

The current update to Clash Royale led the way for several new content hanging around. However, besides the new cards featuring, the update also introduced along a couple of difficulties with it. Gamers are wishing that Supercell will hear out their concerns concerning the current form of the sport. With sufficient push, we’re certain these problems can get solved within the next Clash Royale update.


A lot of gamers are whining concerning the matchmaking within the new mode introduced in Clash Royale. Gamers with low cards who perform will within the new game mode are becoming pitted against really strong gamers. Progressive difficulty in games isn’t new, however the factor is, gamers are now being pitted against others other product chance in fighting. Unless of course Supercell addresses this problem inside a Clash Royale update, the brand new mode might attract the very best gamers only.

Online hackers AND CHEATERS

Clash Royale isn’t protected from hacking and cheating. Until recently, gamers could possibly get matched up against other people who are clearly cheating. The cheats vary from infinite elixir to multiple models of the card in a single deck. Gamers using the infinite elixir cheat can essentially win any fight because they only have to junk e-mail cards. Multiple models of card, however, can also be unfair as gamers can junk e-mail a number of one type. You can do this legally by using Mirror, but it’s apparent that some gamers are transporting several of the specific card.


The most recent Clash Royale update added a couple of nerfs with a cards. However, the alterations made a few of the cards a little too effective. Rage, for instance, now costs only two elixir. Gamers can certainly junk e-mail this item. Supercell should check out their cards again to determine what necessitates the needed nerf.

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