National basketball association 2K17 Grand Badge: How You Can Unlock Secret Badges For Those Archetypes

By on December 22, 2016

Lately, fans discovered the National basketball association 2K17 Grand Badge. This can be a badge that buffs gamers having a special meter that develops up to and including temporary but game-altering buff. Here’s how you can unlock the Grand Badges for those National basketball association 2K17 archetypes.


Based on sushiondeck’s thread around the NBA2K Reddit, an National basketball association 2K17 Grand Badge enables gamers to possess a special meter that dispenses a brief buff in MyCareer matches. Potentially, this enables your character with an advantage as a result of stat boost that is globally useful for just about any player.

Be aware that every archetype comes with an exclusive Grand Badge. One Grand Badge particularly, the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge, enables gamers to attain from almost anywhere in the courtroom.

MyCareer gamers should choose to snag one of these simple to obtain an edge and be the greatest within the MyCareer league easily.


Presently, fans haven’t yet uncover the precise method to unlock each National basketball association 2K16 Grand Badge. However, they could make sure attaining Hall of Fame badges are very important to unlocking Grand Badges. Some fans condition that gamers must complete all Hall of Fame badges for just one National basketball association 2K17 archetype to unlock that archetype’s Grand Badge. Alternatively, some gamers say that you’ll require a minumum of one Hall of Fame badge and Gold badges within the same archetype to unlock its Grand Badge. At the best, goal to obtain all of the Hall of Fame badges for your archetype and try to unlock it.


Based on AsPeHeat’s thread around the National basketball association 2K Reddit, gamers would still need grind to unlock the Grand Badges. AsPeHeat stated he did 500 “catch-and-shoot jumpshots” to obtain the Sharpshooter Grand Badge. Badge progress continues to be recorded even when you play in Rookie difficulty, so you can switch in it should you simply want the badge. However, AsPeHeat didn’t get into detail about his badges, so fans might have to grind for their own.

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