Future Rise Of Iron: Ways To Get Exotic Khvostov 7G-OX Auto Rifle Weapon

By on November 27, 2016

The Khvostov 7G-OX Auto Rifle in Future Rise of Iron is simple to acquire. Gamers have to follow a simple technique to get the weapon. Khvostov 7G-OX can serve as the scout and pulse rifle too knowing how you can alter the fire mode.

Individuals who’ve stored the initial Khvostov rifle can easily dismantle it to obtain the new Khvostov 7G-OX. Gamers will have to mind to Exo Shiro 4. There they’ll obtain the mission dubbed “We Found A Rifle.” After accepting the mission, gamers is going to be needed to locate three parts for that Khvostov and 10 manual pages.

To obtain the weapon parts, gamers will have to mind towards the Divide and walking until they visit a triangular mark on the application. Gamers can easily pick part one from the weapon. While coming up to now, gamers could easily get confused because of the alterations in visuals close to the section of Demons Lair strike.

After collecting part one, gamers will find the second by moving forward within the same direction. The 2nd part is going to be available close to the primary central building within the Fallen Tank area. The 2nd weapon part may also be highlighted with a triangular marker so that you can pick it.

To choose the 3rd part for that weapon, gamers will have to mind to The Divide and so the Earth Patrol spawn point. Here gamers will discover the tunnels. To choose the 3rd weapon part, they’ll be needed to mind through the center of the tunnel.


Once gamers get all of the three weapon parts, they are able to simply mind to Shiro after which accept the pursuit to get rid of the major. Future Rise of Iron may confuse you sometimes, so it’s easier to recall the points you’ve visited before to actually obtain the exotic Khvostov 7G-OX auto rifle without hassle. Here’s a relevant video by Arrekz that will help you learn to get Khvostov 7G in Future Rise of Iron.


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