Riot Games Acquires Rising Thunder Studio?

By on September 20, 2016

Riot Games Acquires Rising Thunder Studio?


League of Stories studio, Riot Games, is growing. The organization introduced today it has acquired Radiant Entertainment – making the MOBA developer the proud who owns the survival game Stonehearth along with a presently unrevealed game.

A publish around the Radiant Entertainment site filled fans in around the plans because of its current games, proclaiming that production on Stonehearth goes forward as planned as the free-to-play fighting game Rising Thunder will permanently be closing on March 18th. The Increasing Thunder team is planning to start focus on the unannounced game.

Riot hasn’t gone into detail on which plans they’ve for Radiant and it is games, however gamers will have the ability to keep an eye on Stonehearth’s progress via Twitch streams and blogs around the game’s site.

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  1. Se1e Maker

    September 20, 2016 at 2:43 am

    This review definitely left out some details. Fi1t off this malphite didn&1quo;t feed because he lost lane or whatever but he intentionally walked down every lane and fed the enemy team. Second this wasn&1quo;t like a breaking point or anything for him to quit he was obviously tired of league and it&1quo;s bs and was going to stop playing anyway but he wanted to finish his getting to diamond video. When Dunkey asked Riot to unban his account it wasn&1quo;t for him, it was for his viewe1 and his fa1 for his weekly uploud. If he got banned under any other circumstance chances are he wouldn&1quo;t care. He was just asking Riot a favor for maybe the several yea1 hes played and promoted their game and its not like it was a huge favor it was honestly just for his viewe1 which most of do play league aswell. I really don&1quo;t get why people are giving Dunkey such a hard time for getting upset with the shitty community and company that league is.

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