ESRB Rating for DriveClub VR surfaces

By on September 18, 2016

ESRB Rating for DriveClub VR surfaces

Although The new sony whipped together a prototype form of DriveClub VR this past year, many speculated it may be a tech demo designed to demonstrate the potential for Ps VR (formerly Morpheus) instead of a product being positively produced for release. Earlier today, IGN uncovered an ESRB rating for that game, showing the demo-switched-full-product might be headed for your PS4 at some point.

DriveClub VR continues to be ranked “E for Everybody.” No amaze there. In addition intriguing is when DriveClub VR found fruition following a closure of Evolution Galleries in March. Could Evolution have completely finished the VR version until you are told to go home? Or, did The new sony farm out the rest of the try to another studio?

The existence of DriveClub VR raises other questions, most pertaining to how Sony will position the game. DriveClub VR could materialize as a standalone project, or a patch for the regular version.

Given the time of year, we’ll probably have to wait until E3 for more details.



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