Cod: Black Ops III PC: Listing Of All Bugs and Players’ Suggestions

By on September 18, 2016


Cod: Black Ops III PC: Listing Of All Bugs and Players’ Suggestions

Reviews from the web condition Cod: Black Ops III provides extensive issues and bugs during these first hrs of availability. Although Treyarch has yet to verify this, and thus Activision, many customers claim the sport requires a patch to operate correctly, a minimum of because the previous games within the series did. Have a look below in the bugs experienced to date, to get a concept whether your abilities are extremely low (just kidding) or perhaps your game is really damaged.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Bugs List

  • The audio seems to adjut mic volume to 100% at first, then to 50%, when launching the game. A complete restart of the game doesn’t seem to work, it looks something a patch should work around.
  • Sliding doesn’t work unless you don’t change stance.
  • Using Sprint/Hold button is the only way you can speed up the hellstorm missile.
  • Number row and numpad both activating the same actions, while they should work for different purposes based on the previous Call of Duty PC experiences.
  • Launching the game set to fullscreen, press any button before the game first screen actually shows up and you will have it windowed. This forces you to restart the game at all.
  • The screen will flash black after a few second you exit the game in fullscreen mode.
  • The game seems to use way too much CPU. According to reports, 80fps make you use 100% CPU on a 3.5GHz Haswell i7.
  • Blue screen displaying in some cases after every match for a couple of seconds.
  • The game freezes every time someone turns on the power in The Giant zombie map, but only in online multiplayer.
  • If you go into first person in Dead Ops uses default field of view setting instead of the option you customized before the match started.
  • Frame rate drops from 60fps to 15fps when going from the Junction to Waterfront District in the multiplayer Zombie experience.
  • Movies play every time you join a Zombie multiplayer match and when you start it after you had the game over screen just a few seconds earlier. Removing the movies from the games’ data allows you not to see them anymore, so it’s not a matter of loading times to be filled.
  • Percentage of players in playlist is not really indicative. People report they want an actual number so they can understand how many guys are in those playlists.


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