Apple tracks flash memory for ipod device, iPhone

By on September 18, 2016

Apple tracks flash memory for ipod device, iPhone

iPods prices may stop falling as Apple addresses climbing flash memory prices, reviews imply.

Grappling having a likely shortage in flash memory supplies, Apple is presently talking about a higher volume acquisition of the component with Samsung, a study claims.

Based on DigiTimes, the 2 firms will be in talks in Columbia to be able to arrange a sizable acquisition of flash memory chips, to be used in “all iPods and iPhones from June to year-finish 2007,” the report describes.

Apple is apparently trying to secure 400-500 million 4GB flash memory chips from the organization – that’s 10-15 percent greater than an order already reserved backward and forward companies, the report describes.

The earth’s biggest manufacturer of flash memory chips, Samsung apparently isn’t completely certain it’ll have the ability to meet Apple’s flash memory demands, and it is concerned that any loss of ipod device sales, or disappointment in iPhone sales, can lead to an oversupply of flash memory later on, impacting unit prices.

Apple is involved in similar discussions with Hynix Semiconductor, the report describes.

Apple launched its financial results now, verifying an impressive rise in gross margins based on falling component prices, including of flash memory.

However, Apple also cautioned that margins will probably shrink in the present quarter because of climbing flash memory prices. Hynix Semiconductor lately cautioned it wants flash memory prices to climb 20 percent in the present quarter.

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