TalkTalk launches network-level security software

By on September 15, 2016


TalkTalk launches network-level security software

TalkTalk has released a burglar service that actually works at network-level to make sure it’ll block infected webpages and inappropriate content on any device while using home broadband network to surf the net.

The result is a questionable trial of the adware and spyware recognition system, known as Virus Alerts, with a few of the ISP’s clients this past year. TalkTalk was formerly criticised through the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for breaking protocol by not telling the regulator it had become running preliminary tests from the system. Clients were also not aware from the tests.

HomeSafe, that is available liberated to all the ISP’s clients, not just blocks infected webpages to avoid any type of adware and spyware being downloaded onto products, it provides a Parental Controls function that provides parents the opportunity to block certain kinds of content, for example pornography or gambling sites.

The account holder can tweak the configurations for that security software, for instance, to bar use of social systems, for example Facebook, at specific occasions during the day.

Tristia Clarke, commercial director of TalkTalk, stated: “Our clients inform us they could not imagine living with no internet now, especially given just how much their kids depend onto it for college work and social reasons, however they still be worried about the innate risks the web brings by using it.

“Particularly they are worried about what kind of things their kids could stumble across when they are surfing online.”

Research through the United kingdom ISP revealed another of youngsters aged 12 to 17 use their cell phone to gain access to social networks and 29 percent use im software using their home PC.

In addition, nearly six in ten (59 percent) parents are worried their children may stumble across inappropriate content while surfing the net, as the same amount are involved about adware and spyware being accidentially downloaded

Typically, children are spending over two hrs each day on the web and parents accepted that around 1 / 2 of their children’s time spent online is without supervision.

“HomeSafe is our response to this. Obviously, it isn’t a silver bullet also it does not absolve parents from down to understanding what their kids are as much as online,” added Clarke.

“They [parents] do not want their ISP to manage what content they are able to or can’t access online – they simply want their ISP to provide them the ability to apply configurations which are suitable for their loved ones.

For additional info on HomeSafe, visit TalkTalk’s devoted web site.


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