Rubinstein is Apple’s latest consultant

By on September 10, 2016

Rubinstein is Apple’s latest consultant

Apple has employed retiring executive Jonathan Rubinstein on the working as a consultant basis.

As Apple cautioned in October 2005, Rubinstein resigned his publish as senior v . p . from the ipod device division on April 14.

A SEC filing a week ago confirmed Apple has arrived at a talking to cope with the outgoing chief, who definitely are available for approximately one morning each week until April 16, 2007 for a small fee. The offer could be ended anytime on mutual agreement.

Rubinstein became a member of Apple in 1997, before that they labored at FirePower Systems, NeXT Computer and Hewlett-Packard. He’s an chosen member of the usa National Academy of Engineering along with a senior person in the IEEE.

Rubinstein’s executive role has been filled by Tony Fadell, who became a member of the ipod device engineering team in 2001 and it was marketed to mind of engineering for that ipod device group in 2004. Fadell is called the “father from the ipod device”, while he introduced the idea of the merchandise to Apple.

Reflecting around the departure of Rubinstein last October, Apple Chief executive officer Jobs stated: “I have labored with Jon for more than fifteen years, and we are likely to miss him. Jon has been doing a great job as part of Apple’s senior management team, in addition to building the world-class ipod device engineering team and running our hardware engineering team just before that.”

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