Pikachu Used Double Team and Invades Japan!

By on September 8, 2016


Pikachu Used Double Team and Invades Japan!

Maybe you have wanted for Pokémon to question the roads in tangible existence? In Tokyo, japan they did because of ‘Pikachu Outbreak’!

Pokémon the film: Diancie and also the Cocoon of Destruction would be a success in Japan, despite as being a shocking 17th within the series!

To celebrate this, hoards of existence-size Pikachus were launched upon Akarenga Park in Yokohama. These Pikachu (Pikachi?) challenged passers-by, doing their finest to fight with sheer cuteness. Regardless of the number of occasions people attempted to operate they experienced: ‘Can’t escape!’

These 50 Pikachu hooligans were a part of a marketing event known as ‘Pikachu Outbreak’ which started by having an advertisement of 100s of Pokémon flooding escalators, lifts as well as information booths until they emerged to surprise the general public in Akarenga Park.

I am sure a number of these adorable Pokémon were defeated through the public using ‘cuddle of death’ (Yes, this is the only move I possibly could develop, don’t judge me…)


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