G4 Design Collection offer gets near finish

By on August 30, 2016

G4 Design Collection offer gets near finish

Apple’s rebate

offer of £211 on Power Mac G4s, PowerBook G4s, or Mac pc G4 Servers, when bought using the new Adobe Design Collection 5. is reaching its final days.

The Adobe Design Collection 5., normally listed at £819, includes InDesign 2., Illustrator 10, Acrobat 5. and Illustrator 6. (prices exclude VAT).

The PowerMac G4 starts at £1,149, the PowerBook G4 at £1,829, Mac pc G4 Server at £1,999.

To become qualified with this offer, clients must buy a qualifying Apple computer and also the Adobe Design Collection concurrently.

The sale also allows customers to

upgrade to Illustrator 7. free of charge.

The promotion, which runs until May 31, includes the Apple Store and taking part Apple resellers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Norwegian, the Republic of eire, The country, Norway, Europe, and also the Uk.

The sale is just available while supplies last.

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