Poll: ‘MS really wants to rule world’

By on August 29, 2016


Poll: ‘MS really wants to rule world’

Microsoft really wants to rule the planet, based on 61 percent of Macworld online visitors voting within this week’s poll. They believe that Apple shouldn’t add Home windows Media Audio support towards the ipod device, despite experts warning Apple: “Support other proprietary music formats or die.”

But, on the third of visitors believe that the ipod device should accept all formats, therefore making certain the ipod device and iTunes Music Store still dominate digital music business. Just 4 percent from the 1,713 voters were undecided.

The Chief executive officer of RealNetworks lately become a huge hit to Apple to aid other proprietary music formats. He stated: “Apple is creating trouble for itself using a extendable that forces customers to buy music from Apple’s own iTunes site.” Some Macworld online visitors agree that Apple needs to facilitate other formats to be able to preserve its recognition.

One readers notes: “The ipod device could be much more popular whether it supported WMA.”

Another states: “Add Them all, whether it sells more iPods.”

Some visitors make suggestions of the way Apple could offer the WMA format without really supporting Microsoft. One states: “Apple should enable iTunes to import WMA files and instantly convert them into AAC files. This way it can’t be supporting Microsoft, also it would not be deterring people.”

Sound clash

But other visitors express concerns that the entire process of transforming tracks calls for lack of quality. One predicts: “If tracks were converted WMA to AAC quickly they’d inevitably lose quality.”

Another indicates an answer: “If iTunes incorporated the ffmegx software customers could convert WMA to AAC or MP3 without any perceivable reduction in quality there could be one less barrier for WMA library proprietors to visit buy an ipod device.”

Ffmpeg is really a audio and video encoder. The lately up-to-date ffmpegX was created for Mac OS X and may read MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DIVX 3, 4, 5, XviD, non-encoded VOB, Quicktime .mov, DV, WAV, Real Audio, H263( ) (RealVideo 1.), PGM, YUV, Parts per million, AC3, PCM8/16 bits, mulaw/Alaw, WMA, SUN AU format, MP2, MP3, and MJPEG, and encode these to DivX, XviD, VCD, CVD, SVCD and DVD.

Regardless of the vast figures of visitors who fear that by supporting WMA Apple are assisting Microsoft in the intend to dominate the planet, some visitors believe that Apple is not to fear. One states: “iTunes has this type of stronghold within the music market I do not think there’s a danger that supporting WMA can make Microsoft more dominant.”

But another readers counters: “Surely if ipod device does start supporting WMA Microsoft might have arrived at world domination within the digital music sphere.”

Another readers thinks that whether Apple supports WMA or otherwise, Microsoft will still finish in the dominant pressure. “Despite the fact that Apple may be the dominant music provider now, WMA will ultimately win out,” he predicts.

It’s Fairplay

The recommendation of some other readers is: “Apple should license AAC to as numerous producers as you possibly can, as rapidly as you possibly can.Inch

But another readers highlights: “FairPlay is Apple’s trump card to create because the marketplace as you possibly can on their own, and also to make certain that the simplicity from the iTunes Music Store and ipod device remains safe and secure to be able to make an impression on the general public to an affordable solution to Kazaa and street stores and CDs.

“If another company licensed Fairplay after which messed up the simplicity having a weak player or perhaps a weak music store, it might undermine the credibility of the new idea in music. Apple has everything dead right also it can’t afford any lack of credibility.”

One readers notes the truth that the ecu Commission has figured that Microsoft should remove Home windows Media Player from the Home windows Operating-system. He indicates: “Considering MS having to unbundle WMA from Home windows, is that this likely to be this type of serious problem?Inch


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