Monster Hunter Tales takes the series inside a new JRPG direction

By on August 27, 2016

Monster Hunter Tales takes the series inside a new JRPG direction

Capcom has introduced a brand new Monster Hunter title for that Nintendo 3DS known as Monster Hunter Tales.

The sport was introduced during Capcom’s Monster Hunter Fest ‘15 Finals and it is a departure in the popular Monster Hunter series as it provides a new design, including various appearances for Felyne and Palico, but Tales also looks to feature the opportunity to mount monsters. In the debut trailer, we are able to visit a rider mounting a little Rathalos.

The debut trailer doesn’t show the way the game itself will have, although Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto states gamers will require around the role of “Riders” rather than Seekers in Tales and can focus more about the storyline together and monsters.

The sport continues to be in the center of development and can stay true to everything about Monster Hunter while telling a tale that may simply be told with an RPG that’s been years within the making. We actually loved Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and we’re certainly searching toward playing a far more JRPG-style game when Monster Hunter Tales releases around the 3DS, that’s, if Capcom decides to produce it to Western marketplaces since it’s only been introduced for any Japanese release.


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