DCUO Shuts Lower New Raid to repair Exploit?

By on August 22, 2016

DCUO Shuts Lower New Raid to repair Exploit?


Amazon . com Rage Part II, the most recent DLC for Daybreak Game Studio’s Electricity World Online, added a brand new raid that has Hades like a boss. Late a week ago in to the weekend though, the raid appeared to become getting some form of issue because it was taken offline rapidly.

Why? The typical reason exploits. Well, to become fair, it’s much more of a design flaw/glitch than someone using third party software or hacks. We’ve talked about the entire “is a game title glitch an exploit” before around the Liberated to Play Cast which falls directly into that discussion. Clearly, this glitch must be discovered and glued, however when people deliberately make use of the glitch realizing it is available then your integrity from the submissions are compromised.

The end result? The raid was taken offline for any couple of days and anybody that acquired item level 101 or 102 gear may have it removed mods and all sorts of. This only impacts the expert level fight, and just the Hades fight within the Throne from the Dead Elite. Should you used the exploit to acquire this gear you will be losing the apparatus soon and sure any accomplishments you gained along the way.

You should check out the entire posting and player responses within the official forums.


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  1. Someone72

    August 26, 2016 at 2:43 am

    I never really got this whole “its a failure” crap. I must be one of the few, but I actually liked most of MS’s original vision. I still use the kinect daily(and wouldnt buy a co1ole without the voice commands it offe1) and have never had any issue with the games on it. The xbox is less restrictive when it come to DRM today than any sony product has ever been. (Vita is region locked all to hell and the PS4 doesn’t allow you to buy DLC for other regio1 games unless you make a new account in the region of the game disk.) Ive said this before, but the PS4 is an iteration, where as the xb one was aiming for innovation. (and I wont even go into how sony hardware is essentially crap in terms of durability, regardless of product)nAll that said, the PS4 is winning in terms of sales figures, and obviously people are enjoying it. Traditionally, power does define the generation and there is no question that the PS4 is more powerful. The mid generation leap here for all 3 platform make1 does serve to be an interesting platform for game1. (which is what I assume the author was getting at) I’m hoping MS holds off as well, getting the 2 leads companies to battle it out in terms of specs and price would only benefit us co1ume1.

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